My name is Tara Wilson-Black. I am a qualified Angel Energy lightworker, Reiki Master and Seichem Master. My out-of balance lifestyle led me to a spiritual crisis that forced me to confront the condition of my life and well-being and seek answers to life’s most important questions. I am a firm believer that pain translates into growth.

Everything that happens to us is simply an opportunity to grow and heal the part of our lives that needs healing. Every experience that intersects with our life, comes to us to teach us a lesson we must learn to reach the next stage or higher part of our life. If you do not learn the lesson the experience is trying to teach or the wisdom you had to learn, the circumstances will continue to repeat or recycle in your life until you finally get it. The more you miss the lessons to be learned from every situation, the more painful each event is. Until a time eventually comes when you’re suffering so much that your only option is to get it. Your current reality is nothing more than a complete reflection of the lessons in life you have to learn.

Feeling incomplete with my life, hoping to find happiness, fulfilment and a balanced life style I embarked upon an extraordinary journey where I discovered a powerful way to release the potential of my mind, body and soul. Through Angel Energy and Reiki I learned to live with greater passion, purpose and peace. I have also learned to have compassion and forgive those who mis-judge me. My Angels have taught me to be discerning in whose company I spend my time in. I have learned to live with greater courage, balance, abundance and joy.

Success is nothing more than living your life according to your own truth and on your own terms. Angel Energy & Reiki can help you awaken your true spirit and shine powerfully in the world. Angel Energy and Reiki can also help you to open your heart, nurture your spirit, transform your fears into freedom and your wounds into wisdom. It can help you to attract abundance into your life and be in control of your own career and destiny. Angel Energy and Reiki help to release any blockages preventing you from living a fullfilled, happy and balanced life. Angel Energy & Reiki can help you with stress, anxiety, emotional & physical trauma and most common illnesses. It can revitalise your life and help put it in order as it is intended. Angel Energy & Reiki allows you to heal from the inside out ensuring you are on the right path to help you dedicate yourself to living the life you are destined to live.