Benefits Of Reiki During Cancer Treatment

For patients undergoing treatment for cancer, the stress can be overwhelming. Finding tools that help you stay calm are invaluable.  Reiki creates an opportunity for patients to restore inner harmony and a sense of connection with their inner selves that might seem lost during the whirlwind of cancer treatment.  Reiki is administered by a specially trained practitioner, using his or her hands. Hands are placed above the body and “life force energy” is transmitted.

How often do you allow yourself the space to be cared for? During a session, patients are totally immersed in the experience of care through the light touch of the practitioner’s hands. Energy therapies involve using the body’s energy fields to heal and maintainwellness.  Disruptions in the energy field can cause illness and balancing energy can aid in healing.

Most people know that rest and sleep are critical components for allowing the body to heal. One of the most commonly reported benefits heard from clients is that Reiki sessions help them sleep better.  People often find Reiki sessions restorative and rejuvenating. When you sleep better and feel rested, you feel better in general and are then more capable of dealing with life’s stresses.

Additionally, people affected by cancer may need other support along the way for conditions such as pain, fatigue, nausea, lack of focus, emotional vulnerability, and other ailments.

Reiki healing does not target disease or symptoms, but rather supports the person. That is why Reiki healing can be helpful not only for the patient, but also to support the family and other caregivers and engage them in a culture of wellness.

It is important to note that reiki is not an alternative cancer treatment. It is not used to cure cancer or in place of treatment. Reiki is a complementary therapy, used to ease the emotional and physical side effects of treatment. Reiki healing is now practiced around the world primarily as home care, but also offered increasingly to patients in hospitals and conventional care centers.

If you are interested in receiving a Reiki session while receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatment please mail

When you treat a disease, first treat the mind.  ~Chen Jen


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